Small scale production of precision engineering projects

When you have an idea or a concept, how do you know if it is going to work? How to you go from that prototype design to a full manufacturing process that works flawlessly? The answer is with small scale production and if you are in the Dorset area, Loadpoint Precision Engineering can undertake this for you to help you with proof of concept.

Precision engineering projects Dorset

Small Scale Production

  • Small scale production services
  • Create a prototype with various services
  • CAD/CAM design
  • Manufacture a small amount to test the process
  • Large scale production also available after testing

Prototype production

As experienced precision engineers, we can start with the creation of the prototype if you don’t already have one. We offer a range of services including CAD/CAM design and we accept 3D scanned designs, we also provide printing and up to 4 axis milling. This means there’s little we can’t produce, and we can also reverse engineer components from what you already have if this the best option.

Once we have the computer designs and the prototypes, then we can assess how things are going and when ready, undertake the small scale production.

Small scale production

The idea of small scale production is that you get to see how your prototype works through the manufacturing process without the commitment of a large number of units. We can look at the components produced, the time and materials and many other factors to ensure that you are happy with the process. It is also a great way to spot potential problems that only come to light during actual production.

Once the process is complete, you can then consider your options. We offer one-off production on a larger scale if this is what you need. Or if you want us to continue to produce the components longer term, we work as sub-contractor for you, producing the components following the same process.

Professional precision engineering in Dorset

"...I would recommend Loadpoint Precision for any project you may have as long as you leave some spare capacity for their existing customers."

Richard McCarthy

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