Mill Turn Lathe

One of the traditional items seen in an engineering or woodworking workshop would be the lathe. But these are now a much more computerised and technical piece of equipment known as the mill turn lathe. These are used by the precision engineer for a range of jobs and is one of the key pieces of equipment that Loadpoint Precision Engineering use in our Dorset workshop.

Mill Turn Lathe Dorset

Range of services

  • Mill turn lathe services
  • Part of a range of precision engineering services
  • Use of CAD/CAM systems to design
  • Up to 4 axis milling
  • Here for prototypes of all forms

Range of precision services

The mill turn lathe is just one of a range of precision services that we offer to help you get the components you need. We have a range of equipment including up to 4 axis milling machines that can cut curved shapes and create amazing quality finishes, cutting on 4 different axes at one time. Alongside the mill turn lathe, we also have a number of 3D milling tools that allow us to create prototypes and small batches of components.

All of the equipment works from CAD/CAM systems to allow computer-aided design to create the most accurate prototypes or finished pieces possible. We have ISO certificate to confirm the standards that we operate to so that you can be certain you are receiving components that meet regulatory standards.

Help with the development process

Because we have such a wide range of services available, we can help with the development process if you are uncertain exactly what you need. We can create prototypes and also reverse engineer existing components to create new solutions for your problems. Once the process is firmly in place, we can then work as a sub-contractor if you need us to continue to create the components you need on a regular basis. Or we can create them as a one-off to suit your needs.

Professional precision engineering in Dorset

"...I would recommend Loadpoint Precision for any project you may have as long as you leave some spare capacity for their existing customers."

Richard McCarthy

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Our expertise resides in years of experience, our services are designed to turn sophisticated demands of our customers into reality. The most complex types of milling machinery are used to get the perfect dimensions for any component. For professional high end quality component design and precision engineering services across Dorset, call 01202 855 070 or get in touch with Loadpoint Precision Engineering Ltd by clicking the button below.