Grinding – Centreless, Centred, Honing, Horizontal Grinding

One of the workhorses of the precision engineer’s workshop is the grinding machine. These are a range of tools that can be used to increase shape and dimension accuracy as well as to give the ideal finish. At Loadpoint Precision Engineering, we have a number of grinding options available to get that perfect finish.

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  • Wide range of grinding services
  • Includes both centreless grinding and centred grinding
  • Horizontal grinding and honing equipment available
  • Get the finest finish to your components
  • Pair with other services for prototypes or as regular sub-contractor services

Assorted grinding services

In our Dorset workshop, we offer a range of different grinding services. These include centreless grinding where there is no spindle of fixture used to locate and secure the workpiece. Instead, it is secured between two rotary grinding wheels and their speed in relation to one another is what defined the rate at which the material is removed. It is an ideal process when time is short and there are lots of parts to be removed from the component.

Centred or cylindrical grinders are used to work on shapes that have a central axis of rotation. This means it works on cylinders, ellipse, a cam or a crankshaft. We also offer horizontal grinding and honing, where an abrasive stone is used along a specific path to improve the geometric form of the component as well as make the surface texture better.

Going beyond grinding

Grinding is just one part of the services that we offer. We start with CAD/CAM computer aided design and include services such as milling to get the prototypes or designs that you need. We can create components for any project and offer both one-off services and an ongoing sub-contractor option if you regularly need us to produce components for you.

Professional precision engineering in Dorset

"...I would recommend Loadpoint Precision for any project you may have as long as you leave some spare capacity for their existing customers."

Richard McCarthy

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Our expertise resides in years of experience, our services are designed to turn sophisticated demands of our customers into reality. The most complex types of milling machinery are used to get the perfect dimensions for any component. For professional high end quality component design and precision engineering services across Dorset, call 01202 855 070 or get in touch with Loadpoint Precision Engineering Ltd by clicking the button below.