Concept Design – Design, 3D Printing and Small Scale Production

Every great idea becomes something more through the process of concept design and small scale production for testing. When you are talking about components that are assembled together to make larger equipment, then it is vital that each step of the way is carefully checked. Loadpoint Precision Engineering now offer full concept design services to our customers across Dorset to help you get the prototypes that you need.

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Concept Design

  • Comprehensive computer aided concept design
  • 3D printing available
  • Show clients what you envision
  • Small scale production to find those potential issues
  • Sub-contractor work undertaken for ongoing production

Comprehensive computer aided design

The process of concept design can start with some sketches on a pad of paper but the serious work behinds with computer aided design technology. We offer CAD/CAM services to help you work through the earliest design stages and to see what will stick from that original concept and what needs to be amended.

If you have some kind of start-up component to work with, you can 3D scan it to get the details into the computer design at the highest level of accuracy. We offer 3D printing to start creating the prototype before heavy duty materials are needed. We can also reverse engineer component from existing ones to help meet new design requirements.

Moving along the process

The next step once a firm design and 3D printing have taken place is to try small scale production. This is an ideal way to see the components in action without committing to a large scale production before all the tests have been conducted. It is a great way to be certain about the viability of the concept and to see if there are any problems that surface during the small scale production that might impact larger scale versions. They are also ideal to show clients and provide as useful prototypes to help sell what you are creating.

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Our expertise resides in years of experience, our services are designed to turn sophisticated demands of our customers into reality. The most complex types of milling machinery are used to get the perfect dimensions for any component. For professional high end quality component design and precision engineering services across Dorset, call 01202 855 070 or get in touch with Loadpoint Precision Engineering Ltd by clicking the button below.