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When you are embarking on a new engineering project, the planning stages are key.  This is where you lay out what you need, how it will work and find those potential problems.  Computer-aided design is a huge part but there is still something to be said for 3D models.  The way these can be achieved is with 3D scanning and this is something that Loadpoint Precision Engineering can offer to businesses around Dorset.

3D Scanning Dorset

3D Scanning

  • 3D scanning for the most accurate measurement
  • Non-contact non-destructive means of measuring
  • Ideal for use in computer-aided design
  • Part of a range of precision engineering services
  • 3D printing also available

Precision 3D scanning

3D scanning is used in a great number of industries as diverse as the medical and automotive industries through to the film industry and even in archaeology. As precision engineers, we use it to help us scan components to the tiniest detail and most accurate measurement to work with in CAD software and with 3D printing.

This is a non-destructive technology that uses a non-contact measurement device to collect a whole range of data without causing any damage to the object. It can measure the exact size of an object to the smallest measurement and allow a completely accurate 3D representation to be created on a computer.

Design and planning

The 3D scanning is the start of the process – we then offer the other services you need to complete the process. We can make metal structures to the most exact specifications including creating something new and reverse engineering from existing components. The use of 3D scanning and printing allows us to create highly accurate prototypes that can help you work out if your plan can be made a reality.

We offer one-off services and also are happy to work as a sub-contractor for both the design and implementation phases of the project, supporting your company with precision engineering.

Professional precision engineering in Dorset

"...I would recommend Loadpoint Precision for any project you may have as long as you leave some spare capacity for their existing customers."

Richard McCarthy

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