CAD/CAM – 3,4 Axis Including 3D Printing and Solid Modelling

At Loadpoint Precision Engineering, we offer a range of precision engineering services that combine the use state of the art technology along with highly skilled professionals. We offer a range of services from that include solid modelling, 3,4 Axis and 3D printing for customers across Dorset.

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Precision Engineering Services

  • Full CAD/CAM services
  • Create entirely new components or reverse engineer from existing ones
  • State of the art computer aided design
  • Milling machines that offer 3 and 4 axis
  • One off work or ongoing subcontractor services

Full CAD/CAM services

We offer extensive CAD/CAM services for our customers that use the very latest in computer-aided design technology. The work that we do is all in the latest electronic data formats, so you can take what we provide and use this on your own systems without the need for any additional software to ensure compatibility.

We can create top quality solid models that either work from existing components or create entirely new shapes that you can later manufacture yourself. We can also reverse engineer components you already produce to ensure they fulfil new needs within the plans. The CAD/CAM software lets us generate drawings that also help with the design of new components.

Creating products from designs

With the CAD design software, we can make metal structures that exactly meet the specifications that you have. Our processes can be used for one-off engineering work when you need something for a standalone project. Or we can work as sub-contractors to fulfil ongoing requirements for these services. Our 3D CNC milling machines have up to a 4 axis capability to suit all needs.

In addition to the milling machine, we accept 3d scanned designs that allow us to utilize 3D printing to create components that you require. We also have the relevant ISO certificate for the work that we do.

Professional precision engineering in Dorset

"...I would recommend Loadpoint Precision for any project you may have as long as you leave some spare capacity for their existing customers."

Richard McCarthy

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Our expertise resides in years of experience, our services are designed to turn sophisticated demands of our customers into reality. The most complex types of milling machinery are used to get the perfect dimensions for any component. For professional high end quality component design and precision engineering services across Dorset, call 01202 855 070 or get in touch with Loadpoint Precision Engineering Ltd by clicking the button below.