5 Tips to Finding the Right Precision Engineering Partner

When your business is looking for a partner in precision engineering in Dorset, there are a few companies that you will encounter. So how do you find the one that is going to work best for your needs and the project you have in mind? Here are some tips on finding the right precision engineering partner.

the Right Precision Engineering Partner

1. Start with research

As with many things, the internet is your friend when you are researching a company to work with. A reputable company will have a great quality website that tells you plenty about what they do and even offers some customer testimonials. It will also make it easy to get in touch with them if you want to chat further about your needs. They may even supply information such as what equipment they have on offer or what ISO certificates they hold.

2. Look at the available services

You might or might not know what services you need, depending on how familiar you are with the industry. One thing you want to watch for is that they use CAD/CAM computer software. This is used to create a concept design to validate proof of concept or a prototype to use before entering small scale production. Also look for state of the art technologies such as 3D scanning, 3D milling and 3D printing.

3. Review their experience

If you have a bit of knowledge about the industry, you can then chat with them about what machines they run and the systems they use. This might be things like Simultaneous 3 Axis or 4 Axis milling, Solid Modelling or a Mill Turn Lathe. It will also likely include a variety of grinding and honing equipment including centreless grinding and centred grinding as well as horizontal grinding. Even if you aren’t familiar with these machines, they should be able to give you a quick rundown of the part they might play in your project.

4. Look at the contract options

If you are in the early stages of the process, you may just want to have a prototype created to take to a client and get approval. Or you may want small scale production to validate the process and be certain everything works as you expect. On the other hand, you may want a partner who can handle ongoing large scale production. Talk to the company to make sure they handle the option you want and how their contractual system works.

5. Ensure they have the right protection

By covering themselves, they cover you so make sure they have all the right safety systems, ISO certificates and insurance in place. You want to know that if something does go wrong, everyone is protected. You also want assurance that they have a strict quality control system in place and that you can expect certain levels of customer service as well.

Make the right choice

If you are getting quotes from various precision engineering companies, remember that price isn’t the only thing to consider. Look at the range of services available, the type of equipment they operate and the reviews from their clients. Then you can make a solid and informed choice for a partner.

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