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Supporting advanced technologies through state of the art engineering

We offer a wide variety of advanced milling and engineering services to companies across Dorset and the wider area.

Professional precision engineering in Dorset
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Precision engineering in Dorset

With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, Loadpoint Precision Engineering Ltd specialises in project management from design to manufacture, offering a range of products for customers in a variety of business sectors in Wimborne and across the Dorset area. You can rely on us for a truly personal and professional service. We will work with you from right from inception to completion to create components bespoke to your needs and budget, whilst keeping our prices competitive at all times.

We manufacture to high quality standards and close tolerances. For simultaneous 3 Axis and 4 Axis milling and precision engineering in Dorset or high end milling or printing services, get in touch with Loadpoint Precision Engineering Ltd.


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Our Services

When you are looking for precision engineering in Dorset, Loadpoint Precision Engineering offers a comprehensive range of services with our high tech equipment to help fulfil your needs. Whether you need proof of concept, small scale production, CAD/CAM design or even simultaneous 3 axis and 4 axis milling, we can help. Most of our customers come to us with an idea, a concept design or even a component that requires reverse engineering to make it into something new.

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About Us

Loadpoint Precision Engineering was founded just over 20 years ago with the aim of creating a series of essential services for precision engineering in Dorset. In that time, technology has developed rapidly, and we have developed alongside it. As a result, we now offer a range of state of the art technologies alongside more traditional manufacturing processes to help with the creation of a prototype or concept design to complete proof of concept, small scale production and full contractual manufacturing.

Our customers say…


“Loadpoint Precision have provided “Engineering & Developments Ltd” with an excellent all round service over the last few years, they offer a high level of technical competency with reliable on time delivery, the team are very proactive in contacting us with any queries they may have regarding drawing & material issues, they tend to encourage the machinist / engineer undertaking the machining to contact us directly as a real-time solution. I would recommend Loadpoint Precision for any project you may have as long as you leave some spare capacity for their existing customers.”

Richard McCarthy

Commercial Manager, Engineering & Developments Ltd

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At Loadpoint Precision Engineering, we offer a range of precision engineering services that combine the use state of the art technology along with highly skilled professionals. We offer a range of services from that include solid modelling, 3 & 4 Axis milling and 3D printing for customers across Dorset.

3D Milling Dorset

3D Milling

3D milling with modern CNC machinery has meant that the precision engineer can create components with greater accuracy than ever before. We are a Dorset based engineering company that can help with highly detailed projects, as one-offs or as ongoing sub-contractor work.

simultaneous 3 and 4-axis Milling Dorset

3 & 4-axis Milling

Computer numerical control (CNC) has developed a huge amount in recent years and paired with computer-aided design means that precision engineering can be done on a never before seen scale. Here at Loadpoint Precision Engineering, we offer simultaneous 3 & 4 axis milling to our customers across Dorset.

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Our expertise resides in years of experience, our services are designed to turn sophisticated demands of our customers into reality. The most complex types of milling machinery are used to get the perfect dimensions for any component. For professional high end quality component design and precision engineering services across Dorset, call 01202 855 070 or get in touch with Loadpoint Precision Engineering Ltd by clicking the button below.